Work more easily with everyone

Stay organised and focused with multiple chats for all your spaces, tasks and team members. Collaborate with teams at other companies in the same way you do with teams at your own.

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Share Stories with your colleagues.

Communicate with your team messaging, sending pictures or sharing stories in real time. If a story is not enough you can always start a video call directly from the chat.


Use Emojis to reply your chats.

Personalize your messages with Emojis, simple a quick replies. Easy communication is a must in a productivity team.



Reply any invitation directly from your chat.

All-in-one platform means you have everything integrated. Get requests and events directly in your chat.

Communicate more easily with everyone

Stay on the same page and make decisions more quickly by bringing all of your work communication into one place.


Share files and media all in one place organized by tasks, spaces and chats.


Chat, Video calls, files sharing and stories integrated for the next level in communication software. Easy and simple.


All your work in one platform, accesible from your laptop, table or phone.

Project ManagementProject ManagementProject Management
Due Dates

Set a Deadline to your Tasks


Assigne tasks easily from the Task Management

File Attachments

Attahced Documents and media to your tasks

Cover Photo

Make your task unique to any eye

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