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Manage your projects from start to finish. With all of your projects in Edworking, you'll always know who's doing what, by when.

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Manage Every Project in One Place

Simplify your work by connecting all tools you're using in only one platform: Task Management (Asana or Jira), File Sharing (Dropbox or Drive), Chat (Slack or WhatsApp), Video calls (Zoom or Skype) and Docs (Notion or Evernote)

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One Platform for Your Team and Your Work

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Manage your Team

Keep due dates clear and shorten your feedback loop in order to fast-track approvals

Replaces: Logo AsanaLogo AirtableLogo TrelloLogo Monday
  • Chat Integrated

    Organize your conversations by tasks.

  • Customized States

    Create, move, remove and rename states to your needs.

  • Quick Task

    Create quickly new tasks.

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    Due Dates

    Set a Deadline to your Tasks


    Assigne tasks easily from the Task Management

    File Attachments

    Attached Documents and media to your tasks

    Cover Photo

    Make your task unique to any eye


    Stay connected

    Stay organised and focused with multiple chats for all your spaces, tasks and team members. Collaborate with teams at other companies in the same way you do with teams at your own.

    Replaces: Logo AsanaLogo AirtableLogo Trello
  • Share Files and Media

    Share files and media in any specific task or space chat.

  • Organized by Tasks, Spaces and Privates

    All your conversations where they have to be.

  • External Chat

    Collaborate with other companies like you do with your own.

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    Video calls

    Quick access to video calls


    Users available in the chat

    File Attachments

    Files and Media display


    Quick Access to Stories


    All-in-one platform.

    A video conferencing tool smoothly integrated in the productivity software. Meet and work productively. One-to-one and multiple meetings.

    Replaces: Logo AsanaLogo AirtableLogo Trello
  • Invite External Users

    Invite users not registered in the Platform.

  • Different Layouts

    Use the most suitable layout for your needs.

  • Micro and Camera Settings

    Choose your camera and microphone.

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    Schedule Meetings

    Set a date to your meetings

    External Users

    Use the meetingroom with external users

    File Attachments

    Attached Documents and media to your tasks


    Specific chat for every meetingroom


    Save Time.

    Edowkring's extensive features maximize performance, accelerate growth, and improve customer experience.

    Replaces: Logo AsanaLogo Airtable
  • Multiple docs

    Create, remove, edit docs for your team.

  • Share with Public

    Make the docs public and share it.

  • Documentation Editor

    Customize your docs.

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    Emoji Personalization

    Personalize your titles with Emoji

    Professional Edition

    Use all our multiple options for your docuements and article edition

    File Attachments

    Attached Media to your Documents

    Cover Photo

    Make your document unique to any eye


    Easy Communication

    Record your screen to explain some code to your team or just give your opinion about an event. Stories of always apply to productivity.

    Replaces: Logo Asana
  • Share Screen

    Share your screen to upload a story.

  • View multiple Stories

    Watch your the last stories created quickly.

  • Full Screen

    Visualize the stories in Full Screen.

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    Time and Date

    See Dates and Time of the Stories


    See the creator of the Story

    Quick Access to Last Updates

    Quickly see the unviewed stories

    Interactive View

    Interactive View to watch all your stories


    Better Organization.

    Store your files in one safe place, accessible from your computer, phone or tablet. Organise your work files and enjoy the easy access.

    Replaces: Logo DriveLogo Dropbox
  • Organized by media and files

    Organize your files and media properly.

  • Documents and media visualizer

    Visualize all your files in Edworking.

  • Gallery View

    Visaulize your media from our gallery.

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    Time and Date

    Time and Date of upload


    Information about the creator

    Personalized List

    List of files with personalized icons

    Gallery View

    Watch media a a gallery view

    Project Management
    Jorim Rademaker
    The interface is clean and easy to navigate. It's intuitive, and the functionality is clear. It's easy to add tasks and manage them. I can see at a glance what tasks are assigned to me and what's still pending.
    Project Management
    Salva Jovells
    The communication features are really great. You can create a group chat room, set up a private chat with someone, send a direct message, and even video conference with your team members. There is no need to subscribe to Zoom, Skype, or use Google Meet.
    Project Management
    Noelia Alonso
    Banco Santander
    It's a great platform that allows us to collaborate, communicate, and manage our projects easily. Best of all, it was free to try, so we could test whether it would work for us or not before we subscribed.
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