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Sandra S
I love the simplicity of this app. The interface is beginner-friendly and super-efficient in managing tasks, working with my team members, sending and receiving files, and even chatting and video conferencing. It's right there on one single page. And it's available on iOS and Android!
Olivier C
Professional Training & Coaching, Self-employed
I recently started using Edworking, and I can say it is one of the best task management platforms for individual and team collaboration. The interface is so easy to use, and I love the different colors and customizable options. Not only this, but the features that are included are very thoughtful and efficient. Having all tasks, docs, media, and video calls in the same place is wonderful! This makes it so much easier to communicate with my team and keep everything organized. I also love that there are private chats and chats related to tasks, which keeps meetings more focused and interactive. The story recording feature is also a great way to leave quick notes or explain a certain element. The app has so much potential that I am still in the process of exploring it all. I highly recommend everyone book an appointment for a tour so they can get a better understanding of the app's capabilities. I am personally planning on using Edworking with my clients as a life coaching accountability feature.
Allison S
business owner
Saving so much time with the approval process for my VA. Ease of use..easy to onboard new employees
Anton B
We are a team of writers who use the workspace to collaborate. The workspace is where we dump all ideas and instructions, and once we decide on the content and overall flow, we format it right there and publish it. For blog publishing, the features of the workspace are still incomplete (if you will compare it to the features of WordPress, for example.) What problem is the product solving, and how is that benefiting you? In our old collab software, we used to just send and receive files if we wanted to collaborate on an article. With Edworking, we can write and edit all at the same time.
Bridgette K
What I like most about this software is the user friendly concept. I use this software weekly to keep in touch with my team members, and the software is not complicated or wonky as I have experienced with others. One of my favorite features I will highlight is the file sharing. This makes my job much easier because I am able to share a host of information and documents for my team with the ease of a click. I also appreciate the price budget friendly.
Dorotea P
Easy to use and great for organizing project tasks and team work when working remotely. Communication with the team is easy and quick. Definitely recommend! There are no aspects of the software that I don't like.
Giuditta T
Transportation/Trucking/Railroad, Electrical Engineer
I've been using Edworking for personal projects for almost a year and seen the progress of this app I can highly recommend it for any team working remotely. I love the chat :) It was difficult for me to migrate from Monday my tickets.
Deals Bought: 21
I recently had the pleasure of experiencing the outstanding customer service support provided by Edworking for this remarkable new product. From the moment I reached out with my inquiry, I was greeted with warmth and professionalism that far exceeded my expectations. First and foremost, Ivan Arozamena was incredibly patient and worked with me to ensure I was up and running as quickly as possible. His expertise and enthusiasm made me even more excited about my purchase. What truly impressed me was the speed and efficiency with which my concerns were addressed. Ivan was quick to respond, even with the wide gap in time zones. He was prompt in acknowledging my concerns and went above and beyond to find a solution that worked for me. His attentiveness and commitment to customer satisfaction are truly commendable.[...]
Roberta R
Senior Civil Engineer
It's perfect for managing multiple teams and small businesses that need all their communication and information in one place. I like how the app integrates seamlessly with Google Calendar, making it very easy to sync my team's schedules with Edworking. It's a feature-rich, easy-to-use collaboration and productivity tool that helps people get more done.
Nicoletta F
I'm a freelancer and spend most of my time working from home. I need super fast, stable tools and can easily work on both mobile and desktop. My favourite thing about Edworking is the simplicity of the interface, the ability to work on my projects from anywhere, and the fact that my team and clients can see what's going on. This is something that doesn't come easy.I also like that Edworking keeps my data private, secure, and accessible on all devices. The fact that they have native apps for mobile is a huge plus too.
Chiara D
Renewables & Environment, Self-employed
When we need to discuss a particular project, it's easy to create a discussion topic with just a few clicks. As a result, we can make better decisions. Edworking can do everything you'd typically expect project management software to do as a single tool for your team. In addition, you can use it as a team communication tool, collaborate on projects, share files and documents, or even schedule meetings, all without additional costs.
Devyani K
Education Management, Self-employed
User friendly, and nice ui uxThe page looks visually appealing and everything is easy to navigate.Helpful to keep track. Nothing as such. I like the product and believe it has huge potential.
Sebastian D
Participante Premio Literario 2022
That it is a part for workers to connect and collaborate effectively within some remote work, since you can create and assign tasks as if you were in person. Usability problems in general, you have to train everyone a lot so that everyone works in the most effective way possible, in a small team, if it works wonderfully but when personal refreshes from time to time, that's when it's a problem.
Kate L
Digital marketing specialist
Edworking is a perfect tool for freelancers and remote teams! Edworking is a perfect tool for freelancers and remote teams. It's a collaboration platform that's built specifically for remote workers. It's a one-stop-shop for managing your tasks, creating invoices, and sending payments. It's super easy to use, and it's super affordable.
Andrey T
Growth Officer
Edworking has a robust communication feature! The communication features are really great. You can create a group chat room, set up a private chat with someone, send a direct message, and even video conference with your team members. There is no need to subscribe to Zoom, Skype, or use Google Meet.
Ali H
Frontend Developer
Remote Work Made Easy! It has a very pleasing user interface, the theme used is also very appreciable. The overall working functionalities are also appreciable. Considering this time of pandemic, this video conferencing tool has helped me a lot with my professional life. There is not much to complain about; however, I would suggest their team to keep up the good work, and since this is an online tool, there is always something that can be improved and provide the user with an even better experience.
Deals Bought: 186
Originally, I refunded this product due to bugs and a few features that were missing. However, after taking a second look and having an onboarding call with the CEO, Ivan, I changed my mind! He was very informative with the updated platform as well as the roadmap of some exciting features that are coming in the next 2 quarters. The search capabilities to find those 'misplaced files' are wonderful as well (which I need!) The app works just like the desktop version, it uploads fast and is very mobile-friendly. I recommend a second look!
Deals Bought: 8
I bought this for my team to manage our projects easier, we are still getting the hang of all the features, everything looks promising. The are some bugs, but I think in time those will be squashed. What it promises for the price, is a no brainer if you have a team and a lot of tasks to do. The andoid app crashes sometimes randomly, also the unlimited cloud space is limited to 100mb/file. If you leave your space by mistake, you have to no way of getting it back (only trough support). The devs are active daily on telegram, the future looks great for the platform. Glad I found it.
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