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As a startup, you need to maximize every second of your workday. That's where Edworking comes in! Our platform simplifies task management so you can focus on what really matters - growing your business.

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Task Management
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Competitive Pricing

Edworking offers affordable, flexible pricing plans to fit startups' budgets, ensuring access to comprehensive productivity tools without breaking the bank.

Team management

Our all-in-one platform enables efficient team management and collaboration by consolidating file sharing, task management, video calls, and chat.

Remote Work

Edworking's features, including video calls and real-time chat, allow distributed teams to stay connected and collaborate effectively, no matter their location.


How can Edworking Help Startups?

Edworking equips startups with a versatile suite of productivity tools, including team management, collaboration, and remote work support through file sharing, task management, video calls, and real-time chat.

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Enhance Collaboration with Edworking Chat

Organize every space in its way. Create, replace, move and remove the states to get the most suitable states for your space. Simplify complex projects by breaking them down into adequate states.



Boost Productivity with Edworking's Task Lists

Keep your team on track and stay on top of tasks with Edworking's customizable Task Lists. Easily create, assign, and prioritize tasks, while monitoring progress and deadlines. The intuitive interface allows for effortless organization, ensuring your startup remains focused and efficient.



Monitor Growth with Team Progress Insights

Gain valuable insights into your team's performance with Edworking's progress visualization tools. Easily track individual and team accomplishments, identify areas for improvement, and celebrate successes. By staying informed about your team's progress, you can make informed decisions that drive growth and innovation.

Project Management
Jorim Rademaker
The interface is clean and easy to navigate. It's intuitive, and the functionality is clear. It's easy to add tasks and manage them. I can see at a glance what tasks are assigned to me and what's still pending.
Project Management
Salva Jovells
The communication features are really great. You can create a group chat room, set up a private chat with someone, send a direct message, and even video conference with your team members. There is no need to subscribe to Zoom, Skype, or use Google Meet.
Project Management
Noelia Alonso
Banco Santander
It's a great platform that allows us to collaborate, communicate, and manage our projects easily. Best of all, it was free to try, so we could test whether it would work for us or not before we subscribed.
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