Paragraph Typing Test

Enhance your typing skills with our interactive Paragraph Typing Test. Practice and become a faster typist!
Karen hugged her suitcase tight as she stepped onto the train platform. Her eyes scanned the crowd, landing on her parents waving goodbye. Mixed emotions filled her as the train pulled away, signaling the start of her college journey and a new chapter in life.

What kind of typist are you?

Typing speed varies widely, measured in words per minute (WPM). The Guinness World Record for fastest typing is 216 WPM, set by Stella Pajunas in 1946. Competitive typists today reach around 170 WPM. The average person types at about 40 WPM, adequate for most jobs. However, specialized roles like transcription may require speeds of 60-80 WPM. Thus, typing speeds can range from slow to exceptionally fast, influenced by skill and profession.
Turtle Typist


Below average typist


Classic typist


You got some skills!


Professional Typist!


Master of Typing!


What is the Paragraph Typing Test?

The Paragraph Typing Test is an online assessment tool that evaluates an individual's typing speed and accuracy by having them type out a provided paragraph. It's a great way to gauge one's typing proficiency and pinpoint areas for improvement.


How can I improve my typing speed?

Consistent practice is key to improving typing speed. Familiarize yourself with touch typing techniques, use ergonomic keyboards, and take regular breaks to avoid strain. Regularly participating in the Paragraph Typing Test can also help you track and enhance your progress.


What does a Master of Typing score indicate?

Achieving the 'Master of Typing' score indicates outstanding typing proficiency, with a speed exceeding 100 words per minute. It suggests the typist can handle demanding typing tasks efficiently and with great accuracy.

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