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Edworking's all-in-one platform is a perfect solution for small teams, as it eliminates the need to pay for multiple platforms on a daily basis. With Edworking, small teams can streamline their work processes without worrying about managing multiple tools, saving time and money in the process.

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Task Management
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All-in-one platform

Centralize all your work in a single location, avoiding the need to constantly switch between numerous applications. Enjoy the benefits of having everything organized in one place, saving time and increasing productivity.

Team management

Getting started with Edworking is quick and easy, with minimal learning required. In just two clicks, you can have your entire team up and running on the platform, ready to collaborate and streamline their work processes.

Save Money for your company

By switching to Edworking, you can save over £3000 annually. With no need to pay for separate subscriptions for chat, video calls, file storage, or task management, you can reduce your expenses significantly and enjoy a cost-effective all-in-one solution.


How can Edworking Help Small Teams?

Edworking equips Small Teams with a versatile suite of productivity tools, including team management, collaboration, and remote work support through file sharing, task management, video calls, and real-time chat.

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Chats, Video Calls and Stories

With Edworking, communication is made simple through a variety of features such as chats, meeting rooms, and stories, all in one place. Whether you need to start a quick chat with a teammate or invite a client to a project to build community, jump into a meeting room, or send a quick story talking about your progress, it can all be done with just one click.



All you need to keep projects in time

Edworking's task management system offers a range of views to make it easy to keep your tasks on track and manage them efficiently. Plus, everything generated within the tasks is automatically connected to a group chat and our file storage, making it easy to keep your data sorted and accessible for your team. With Edworking, managing tasks has never been simpler.



Fun documentation with Edworking

Documenting work can be tedious, and finding specific documents can often be a challenge. However, with Edworking's all-in-one solution, searching for documentation and files is made simple and efficient with just two clicks. Say goodbye to the hassle of document management and streamline your work with Edworking.

Project Management
Jorim Rademaker
The interface is clean and easy to navigate. It's intuitive, and the functionality is clear. It's easy to add tasks and manage them. I can see at a glance what tasks are assigned to me and what's still pending.
Project Management
Salva Jovells
The communication features are really great. You can create a group chat room, set up a private chat with someone, send a direct message, and even video conference with your team members. There is no need to subscribe to Zoom, Skype, or use Google Meet.
Project Management
Noelia Alonso
Banco Santander
It's a great platform that allows us to collaborate, communicate, and manage our projects easily. Best of all, it was free to try, so we could test whether it would work for us or not before we subscribed.
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