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Bring all of your Docs into one Place

Collaborate on product ideas, document bugs, or jot down meeting minutes with Edworking Docs. Create, modify and organize multiple docs in your space to keep everyone up-to-date.



Create and Manage multiple Docs

Create beautiful Docs, wikis, and more—then connect them to workflows to execute on ideas with your team. Personalize Docs with emojis and cover to make them unique.


Edit alongside your team

Edit alongside your team. Edit your documents like you can do in word, style your text with multiple options. Keep all of your work organized.



Securely share with anyone.

Create shareable links and manage permissions for team, guest, or public access. Share documents with other companies or clients.

Get more done with time-saving features.

Edowkring's extensive features maximize performance, accelerate growth, and improve customer experience.

Arrow Organization

Share files and media all in one place organized by tasks, spaces and chats.

Arrow Communication

Chat, Video calls, files sharing and stories integrated for the next level in communication software. Easy and simple.

Arrow Accesibility

All your work in one platform, accesible from your laptop, table or phone.

Project Management Project Management Project Management
Emoji Personalization

Personalize your titles with Emoji

Professional Edition

Use all our multiple options for your docuements and article edition

File Attachments

Attahced Media to your Documents

Cover Photo

Make your document unique to any eye

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