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Where your team's content come together

Store your files in one safe place, accessible from your computer, phone or tablet. Organise your work files and enjoy the easy access.



List view of your media and files

Edworking cloud storage is a great place to help teams get organised and add files to one central location. It's easy for team members to see where everything is, and which files are the most recent – and in need of immediate attention.


Organise shared files in Grid View

See and manage all your files and media in a interactive view grid. You can easily upload files and share materials with relevant parties by using spaces or tasks.



See the big picture, or every little detail.

See your documents and media with Gallery View. Go thorugh all your media in all your devices, phone, tablet or laptop.

Lightning-fast collaboration.

Edworking is a productivity app that lets teams share work and collaborate together with ease.

Arrow Organization

Share files and media all in one place organized by tasks, spaces and chats.

Arrow Communication

Chat, Video calls, files sharing and stories integrated for the next level in communication software. Easy and simple.

Arrow Accesibility

All your work in one platform, accesible from your laptop, table or phone.

Project Management Project Management Project Management
Time and Date

Time and Date of upload


Information about the creator.

Personalized List

List of files with personalized icons

Gallery View

Watch media a a gallery view

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