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Record your screen to explain some code to your team or just give your opinion about an event. Stories of always apply to productivity.

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Use stories to communicate

The stories of always applied to your daily work. From stories view you have quick access to all the stories share from your team.



Organize your Stories by tasks and spaces

Create, remove and organize your Stories by tasks and spaces. Use Stories to share a problem in your code or just to give a quick opinion on the meeting.



Use Stories with your team

Use stories as a quick way to communicate. A new way to communicate with your team anywhere. Access from your laptop, phone and tablet.

Productivity tools save time and boost efficiency

Get an overview of everything on your plate, or focus on the information you need to tackle the task at hand.

ArrowShare Screen

Share your screen to upload a story.

ArrowView multiple Stories

Watch your the last stories created quickly.

ArrowFull Screen

Visualize the stories in Full Screen.

Project ManagementProject ManagementProject Management
Time and Date

See Dates and Time of the Stories


See the creator of the Story

Quick Access to Last Updates

Quickly see the unviewed stories

Interactive View

Interactive View to watch all your stories

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