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The recent pandemic that brought the world to a halt resulted in the emergence of a gig economy that is heavily reliant on remote work. As a result, millions of small businesses worldwide are battling to expand, innovate, improve processes, and maintain competitiveness. These businesses, among other things, require tools that enable them to work remotely, manage their teams, and protect their intellectual property.

While platforms such as Asana, Monday, Notion, and others exist, there is no single ALL-IN-ONE remote platform. Because most business owners switch between numerous software applications to complete one or more tasks related to remote work management, the concept of edworking became a reality.

This article will examine how Edworking can help you with your team and how you can use the platform to become more efficient.

What Is Edworking?

In a word, Edworking is an all-in-one remote work platform. Its mission is to assist enterprise project managers and even small mom-and-pop business owners in assigning and managing tasks, communicating, collaborating, and creating with their team, regardless of their location. Our single platform enables the business to succeed by providing a cost-effective variety of remote tools.

Undeniably, Edworking is the best place to go for project managers and remote workers. We have been developing this platform for years, and we have now made it available to the general public.

Edworking is the only platform that gives remote workers a place to collaborate, share files, and create IN ONE PLACE. We provide a full suite of features to make it easy for people to work remotely.

So, how can Edworking benefit your business' remote work initiative? Here is a list of five features that will help you get the most out of this software.

Task management

Like Asana and Monday, Edworking has a dedicated task section that can give you an overview of any backlog, in-progress, reviewing, and completed projects. Accessing a specific task reveals more details.

Edworking can handle any task you assign to your team, whether complex or straightforward. You can create new tasks, assign them to team members, set deadlines, upload or download documents, and even send and receive updates from remote team members without additional third-party services, effectively reducing operating costs and improving productivity.

Edworking has a task management system that is different from other solutions on the market (e.g. Asana, Monday). One of the main reasons it stands out is that it's based on a collaboration model, and it integrates communication features (chat) into the tasks. You can update a task through the chat feature. 

File Sharing 

File sharing is at the core of remote work management; this is one of the main features of both Asana and Monday. With Edworking, this feature is intuitively integrated and made available in our platform's task management and collaboration sections. We've ensured that you won't waste time clicking on tabs and searching for the location where you need to upload a file.

Team members can upload documents and share them with other members or with a group in another team by simply dragging and dropping the file onto the upload pane. At the project level, you can upload files that you need to access at any time for any project. You can share files with other team members on the team level to create a shared folder for all documents in a specific task.

You can share files on your computer, mobile device, and even your private cloud. With the private cloud, you can even share files with team members outside of Edworking.

Edworking also allows you to share files with your clients. We've made file sharing flexible, which means you can share files with specific audiences at varying levels of access rights (e.g., read/write privileges).


Workspace is an exclusive feature of edworking. This concept is similar to the service provided by Notion, another collaborative platform for project managers and remote workers. 

It's an area within the platform where you and your remote team can share documentation and collaborate in real-time, and publish the output as a blog. You can share documents and files and create a blog, all in one place.


Communication is integral when you're managing a remote team. Because we are the only platform that provides optimised remote project and team management, we have made sure that communication tools like chat, video calls, stories, and comments are deeply integrated and easily accessible within the platform. As a result, third-party services such as Zoom, Skype, and even Facebook Messenger became inessential.

Edworking is the only platform that allows you to have a real-time chat, video conference, and do a consultation or one-on-one coaching in a virtual room with a team member whenever needed.


Stories on Edworking, like those on Facebook and Instagram, are a smart way to share your progress and communicate with your team (sharing a screen or recording yourself). Using the Stories feature gives every team member a snippet on the progress of a task or project. As a project manager, you can share your appreciation for the individual or the group by complimenting a thumbs-up. Indeed, it's the best way to create a transparent work environment.


As you can see, edworking is a robust platform. It's easy to use and offers features that make it the best choice for remote team collaboration. So if you're looking for a solution to help your team collaborate, edworking is the platform for you. 

Click here to see how edworking can benefit your project and your business. Our premium service is available at £10 per member per month, and it comes with the following perks:

·      Unlimited Tasks

·      Unlimited Storage

·      Unlimited Video Calls

·      iOS & Android App

The free demo is now available. So, if you're curious about how this remote work platform can benefit your business, click this link to get started.

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