the startup journey: overcoming challenges and embracing success

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So hello everybody, my name is Simon, CEO in Ed working and this is not a normal K note, okay? This is about talk about how can we help the new startups and how we did this trouble with Ed working.

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Okay, first step, how many people start a startup at the moment here? Okay, a lot. So the first question you need to do is why you want to make a startup. Okay? For us, make a startup is like a challenge.

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Big companies like they have a lot of resources and they have a lot of power. Okay, we start 2019. I was working like engineer and my work was like little bit boring. Okay, so you don't feel like this is what you like so my work was something like that. So in 2019 we had a trip with my friends of the university in Barcelona coldplay concert, amazing.

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And we start to talk about how can we make something great, how can you make the world better? And say, okay, let's start to talk about how can we do that? And me, I was living in this moment in UK and David, he was living in Switzerland in this moment. So I think that you're familiar with these technologies. So we start to have conversation in Slack, have chats in Slack, we have conversations in thumb video calls in this moment and we start to think about task management, organise ideas and these type of things and we start to share documents in Dropbox or Notion and say okay, this is good, this technology is amazing.

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They have messaging, video calls and it's good doing these things but we want to make the new generation in remote world platforms something from the start to have everything integrating from zero. We don't want to have one solution like a Frankenstein, okay? And of course we don't want APIs, we want to make our own software making perfect. So will of challenge and say okay, now what can we do? Because we never do our site.

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We are engineers but we don't know how. So no problem, let's try to hire developers but we don't have money and this slide is very important because a lot of startups have the same problem. So you don't have money, if you don't have money, you don't have a product, if you don't have a product, you don't have traction. So next step is okay, let's start with venture capital. So we were to Silicon Valley, we were selected for Draper University amazing.

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And say Silicon Valley is great, they have a lot of money, will be easy. So first of all with a presentation like that, lesson number one, nobody gives you money except if you are this guy. So let's go back here and say we don't have money but we have something time and a lot of energy. So in 2020 we were working all the weekends, full energy to be able to go into the ID, the launch of the product and say everything is done. We learn how to build a product like that.

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It was something like that. Mark not the best product, not a good web application. And we have only 27 users in the platform. So what happened? We spend a lot of time and energy in this moment and we learn about how to make the product because we never do it, but we learn about that.

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And in this moment we have two options. Option A, the idea is not good. Option B. We fail. What do you think?

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That is correct? Option B our product not was good. So we renewal and we make it working to doc zero. But in this time we learn a lot about our failures. This is very important.

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Learn every time that you fail because this is the success. So this time we use remote work. How? Because we don't have a lot of resources. So we use talent all around the world to help us.

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So we're working two times in different worlds life freelancer for being able to make the platform ready and we hire designers and developers. So listen number two, when you hire people, trust in the talent because they will help you a lot to grow. It's super important. In May 2021, we launched the first platform and finally we get great results. First day, 100 users.

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And this is good, but we need to scale, okay? And this is very good, so you can make the best product in the market like that. Everyone will be very happy to use the product. But remember that that you are in the middle of the ocean, nobody knows you, okay? So listen, number three is nobody know about your product.

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Be ready and think about that because finally you need to think about to make a machine to grow every day alone, okay? And if you have any great ideas, please tell me about how can we grow more? And we are super happy that finally today we have 3000 users in the platform growing more than 250% and of course we have users pay. And this is finally about the journey, right? Because for example, my friends view that this is my life, okay?

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This is not the journey from my family. This is like always, I busy working a lot because you need to do this is not optional, okay? And this is about the real journey, okay? The real journey is something like that. You will be in the middle of the desert fighting with everyone but with an amazing team that you need to choose good.

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And believe me, this is the best decision I take ever. I leave my job and start to make a startup because when you make a product and you see the reaction of your users, your first guy that he pay for your service is incredible, believe me. And finally the final listen is like this is not a 100 metre race. This is like a marathon, okay? And sometimes you need to have a few lucky moments, okay?

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Like, for example, that Elon Musk. Now, retweet this video. Elon, do it, please. And, of course, enjoy every moment in the journey. Because when you have an amazing team, magic happens.

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Thank you very much.

In this podcast, Ivan, CEO of Edworking, shares his startup journey and the challenges he faced while building the company. He discusses the importance of understanding why you want to start a startup, learning from failures, and trusting the talent of your team. Simon also emphasizes the significance of creating a product that people will use and love, as well as the need for constant growth and adaptability. In conclusion, he reminds the audience that the startup journey is a marathon, not a sprint, and that enjoying the process is crucial for success.
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