TickTick vs. todoist - which app is the best for you?

BY Mark Howell21 September 20238 MINS READ
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Ah, the eternal struggle of task management. If you're like most of us, juggling work responsibilities, personal tasks, and everything in between feels like trying to keep a dozen spinning plates from crashing to the ground. The good news? The task management gods have smiled upon us with some remarkable digital tools, two of which stand out like shining beacons in a murky sea of to-dos: TickTick and Todoist. The big question is, which one deserves a spot on your phone, tablet, or desktop? Let's dig in and find out.

TickTick Overview

Features that Make TickTick Tick

TickTick is far from just another task manager. It's more like your personal productivity genie, equipped with a variety of tools aimed to make you the master of your time. Think of it as your digital Swiss Army knife for organization.

  • Multi-Platform Accessibility: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac—you name it, TickTick is there.
  • Smart Lists: These automatically organize tasks based on different criteria such as due date or priority.
  • Built-In Timer: Inspired by the Pomodoro Technique, a timer is integrated right into the app.
  • Collaboration Tools: Invite friends, family, or coworkers to collaborate on tasks.

Visual Organization Features

When you open TickTick, it's like walking into a well-organized room. Everything has its place. The app offers various views, including list, calendar, and even Kanban board options.

Flexibility and Customization

TickTick is the king of adaptability. You can customize tags, priority levels, and more. It's like having a task manager tailored specifically for you.

Usability and Learning Curve

TickTick understands that not everyone is a tech wizard, and that's okay. Its interface is incredibly user-friendly. Plus, there's an extensive help section and tutorials if you find yourself stumbling in the dark.


While TickTick offers a robust free version, its premium plan, which comes in at around $27.99 per year, unlocks some incredibly potent features, like advanced sorting and a more extensive array of customization options.

Todoist Overview

Features that Make Todoist Shine

Let's switch gears and talk about Todoist. If TickTick is a Swiss Army knife, Todoist is a finely crafted katana—sleek, elegant, and efficient. So, what are the bells and whistles that make this app so appealing?

  • Natural Language Input: You can just type "Meeting tomorrow at 3 PM" and Todoist will automatically schedule it for you. Now, how's that for intuitive?
  • Karma Points: This gamification feature keeps track of your productivity levels. Points for completing tasks? Yes, please!
  • Projects and Sub-Projects: Perfect for those who love to compartmentalize, Todoist enables intricate task hierarchies.
  • Email-to-Task: You can actually send emails to Todoist to convert them into tasks. A lifesaver for inbox zero enthusiasts.

Task Templates

Imagine not having to start from scratch for every recurring project. Todoist offers task templates that can be a tremendous time-saver, especially for team-based projects.

Third-Party Integrations

One word: seamless. Todoist offers integrations with Google Calendar, Dropbox, and even Alexa. It's like having a well-trained orchestra, each instrument perfectly in sync with the other.

Usability and Learning Curve

Don't be fooled by Todoist's sophisticated appearance; it's incredibly approachable. With an onboarding process as smooth as a glass lake and a UI that's so clean it squeaks, Todoist takes user-friendliness seriously.


Todoist offers a free version, but the real magic happens when you upgrade to the premium or business plan. Starting at $36 per year for premium, you unlock features like reminders, labels, and filters that make the app a true productivity powerhouse.

TickTick Vs. Todoist: The Face-Off

The Main Difference Between TickTick and Todoist: Flexibility Vs. Efficiency

So here we are at the crossroads. TickTick offers a more versatile experience with lots of customization options. On the other hand, Todoist is optimized for speed and efficiency. It's like comparing an all-terrain vehicle to a Formula 1 race car; each has its own unique advantages depending on what you're looking for.

Task Management

Both apps offer robust task management features, but their approaches are as different as night and day. TickTick's smart lists and built-in timer are great for individuals who want a holistic approach to task management. Todoist, with its karma points and project hierarchies, is more suited for those who focus on specific, goal-oriented tasks.

User Interface and Experience

You know how some people are visual learners while others are more textual? TickTick caters to the former with its various viewing options like lists and Kanban boards. Todoist is streamlined, offering a clean, text-based interface that eliminates any potential distractions.


Ah, the need for teamwork. Todoist focuses on advanced project collaboration, allowing for intricate task hierarchies and team-based templates. TickTick, while offering collaboration features, is generally more geared toward personal or small-group task management.

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The Role of Edworking in Task Management

Before we wrap things up, let's talk about another player in the game of productivity—Edworking. This comprehensive all-in-one remote work platform fits like a glove when it comes to task management. Imagine the best features of TickTick and Todoist combined and then taken to another level. That's Edworking for you.

  • Task Management: Assigning tasks and setting deadlines is just the tip of the iceberg. The unique feature that integrates chat into tasks puts Edworking ahead in the race, distinguishing it from other platforms like Asana and Monday.
  • File Sharing: Drag-and-drop functionality? Check. Flexible access rights? Double-check. Edworking’s platform supports easy document upload and sharing, integrating effortlessly into your task management strategy.
  • Docs: Similar to Notion, Edworking's Docs allow for real-time collaboration on documents and blogs. It's like having your entire office go digital.
  • Meetings: Why bother with third-party services like Zoom when you can have integrated video calls? It's a no-brainer.
  • Stories: It even has a Stories feature to let team members share progress and updates. Consider your entire task management, communication, and collaboration needs met. Edworking offers a premium service at £4 per member per month, unlocking unlimited tasks, storage, and video calls. It’s a compelling alternative if you’re looking for an all-in-one solution that can handle your diverse productivity needs.


In the high-stakes arena of task management, both TickTick and Todoist prove to be formidable contenders. TickTick woos you with its incredible flexibility and feature-rich interface, while Todoist swoops in with its sleek design and efficiency. The main difference between TickTick and Todoist boils down to what you prioritize more—customization or streamlined productivity. It’s a classic case of a multi-tool vs. a specialized instrument.

Would you prefer a digital Swiss Army knife that can adapt to any situation? TickTick has got your back. Or are you on the lookout for a finely tuned productivity machine that gets you from point A to point B in record time? Then Todoist is your go-to.

In a world increasingly driven by productivity, the importance of choosing the right task management tool cannot be overstated. After all, your time is precious, and how you manage it can make or break your success. In the end, the choice between TickTick and Todoist may just come down to your personal needs, preferences, and the specific demands of your lifestyle or occupation.


What Are the Pricing Models for TickTick and Todoist?

Both TickTick and Todoist offer a freemium model, which means you can start with a free version and upgrade to a premium package for additional features. TickTick Premium starts at $27.99 per year, while Todoist Premium is priced at $36 per year. Each offers unique features in their premium packages, like advanced sorting options, priority tagging, and collaboration tools, so the best value for money depends on your specific needs.

Can I Use TickTick and Todoist on Multiple Devices?

Absolutely, both TickTick and Todoist have cross-platform compatibility. You can use these apps on Android, iOS, Windows, and even as browser extensions. This means you can easily switch from your smartphone to your laptop without losing track of your tasks, making it easier to manage your to-dos on the go.

How Secure Are TickTick and Todoist?

Security is a paramount concern these days, and both apps take it seriously. TickTick uses AES-256 bit encryption to secure your data both in transit and at rest. Todoist employs similar high-grade encryption methods and also offers two-factor authentication for added security. In short, your data is pretty safe with either of these task managers.

Can I Collaborate with Teams Using These Apps?

Yes, collaboration is one of the strong suits for both TickTick and Todoist. They both offer features that allow you to share tasks, set deadlines, and assign responsibilities to different team members. However, Todoist tends to be more robust in this department with its features like project templates and task delegation, making it particularly well-suited for larger teams.

What Happens if I Want to Switch from One App to the Other?

Switching between TickTick and Todoist is generally straightforward. Both apps offer export and import features that allow you to transfer your tasks, projects, and even your history of completed tasks. Although some manual adjustments may be required to perfectly match the layout and tagging system of the other app, the overall process is usually quite smooth.

Do These Apps Integrate with Other Productivity Tools?

Yes, both TickTick and Todoist offer various integrations with other popular productivity tools like Google Calendar, Outlook, and Evernote. These integrations enable a seamless workflow, helping you consolidate all your tasks and responsibilities in one place.

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