Mastering Task Management In Edworking

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With Edworking, you can do and achieve more. If you're just getting started, here's a quick review of the most important things to know for you to begin right on track.

What is a Task?

As defined by Cambridge Dictionary, a task is a piece of work to be done, especially one done regularly, unwillingly, or with difficulty. In project management, a task is defined as a single work unit – a single step in a multi-phase project. A task must be completed by a specific deadline and contribute to the achievement of work-related goals. A task can be further broken down into subtasks, which should likewise have defined start and finish dates for completion.

So, how do you create a task? 

To create a task, simply follow these easy instructions.

  1. Click the "Create new Task" button on the upper right corner.
  2. Fill in the "Task Name" field.
  3. Delegate the task to your team by choosing a colleague. Simply click and choose the person whom you want to assign the task.
  4. You can also click the "Estimate" button to let the assignee know that you expect the task to be done in that timeframe. In this case, you can choose hours, days, or even weeks.
  5. Set a due date by simply clicking the "Due Date" button next to "Estimate."
  6. Describe your task. It'll be better if you explain the task well and answer possible questions in the "Task Description" field.
  7. You may also select an image for your task.
  8. If you want to add media and files, you can do so by simply scrolling through the bottom and click the "Add Media" or "Add Files" button.
  9. You may also want to add the technology to be used to successfully complete the task. You can select up to 3 technologies.
  10. To save your task, click the "Create Task" button.

Create a Quick Task

If you're in a hurry because of an urgent meeting or something, with Edworking, you can create a quick task. In the Tasks dashboard, you can see 4 categories namely: Backlogs, In Progress, Reviewing, and Completed.

You can see "Create Task" under each category. Simply click it, input the task name and click "Add."

How to Move a Task?

If the task has been started, you can move the task over to the next category. Press and do not release the left mouse button and drag the task over to where it should be based on the status of the task.

How to Edit a Task?

With Edworking, editing a task is made easier. Simply click the task to open it and point your cursor to where you want your task to be modified. You can also reassign to a different colleague, change the deadline, or modify the task description.

How to Assign a Task?

If you've already added your team members in your project using Edworking, assigning a task will be much easier. You can assign a task by the time you create it or reassign anytime.

How to Edit a Text Using the Editor?

In the Task Description field, you can see different icons that will help you organize your task description well. You can make the project name as Header 1, the name of the task as Header 2 and the subtasks in Header 3.

You may also want to add bullet points and numbering to list the subtasks according to the order of priority.

There is also a feature where you can bold, italize, or underline words in your task description.

Additionally, you can add hyperlinks, embed images, and videos.

How to Upload Files and Media?

When you click to open the task, in the bottom portion, there are buttons that will allow you to add media and files. Simply click the button and choose files from your computer.

How to add Technologies?

The good thing about Edworking is you can give your team member an idea of what technology to be used while doing the task. You can add up to 3 technologies. Click the "Select" button and search for an app or software that you may want to add. Note that not all apps are there.

How to add Sections or States?

With Edworking, you can create different sections or states. You don't only stick with the four default sections (Backlogs, In Progress, Reviewing, Completed). You can add, delete, or rename any sections.

  1. To add a section, simply click the "Add Section" button.
  2. Name the new section. For example, you may want to name it "For Video Production." Then, click the "Add" button to save the new section.
  3. You may want to change the icon. Click the icon right before the section name and choose whatever icons you like.
  4. You can then create a task under the newly created section or move over other tasks in that section.
  5. Furthermore, if you want to delete a section simple click the dots. Then, delete.
  6. Lastly, if you want to move or change the order of the sections, simply drag the sections and place it to where you want it placed.

More Productivity Tips

Our everyday lives revolve on a set of tasks that we define as we go along in order to fulfil our objectives and SMART goals. In our quest to stay at the top of our game and maintain our competitive edge, we frequently bite off more than we can chew.

Although everything appears to be of top priority, something goes wrong in this race to get things done while keeping your cool. Therefore, workload balance and time management abilities must be practiced at all levels, especially while working in a team. If not, it might have detrimental consequences for the entire project.

  1. Create a more concise and actionable tasks. For instance, instead of saying "Shopify Orders," you can input a task name like "Manage Shopify Unfulfilled Orders."
  2. Add a start and due date to illustrate a task's length and final deadline. Your teammates can manage their time effectively and know when the task is due. 
  3. Use the task description to provide further details, instructions, or context to the task so that the assignee has all the information they need to begin and complete the work.
  4. Utilize the media, files, and technology features. Attach any needed relevant files.
  5. After competing the task, drag it over under Review so the manager can review the tasks.

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