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Edworking Creation Button

With the new features it becomes the center of the app. A single button where you can easily access to all the features in the app, from creating an space or a task in two seconds to sharing stories or uploading files.

Create work spaces with your team

Create new spaces for your team or yourself and edit the ones where you are already participating from the new settings option. You will find this in the spaces menu and the info space of the proper chat. Change logo, name, and add the teammates you want in your space or invite external users.

Cloud storage folders system

A big improve for the app. Same than Edworking platform, you can now organize your files and media in folders and subfolders in an easy and intuitive way, filtering files for categories and picking the perfect view for you are now available. Also, all your files associated to an specific task will be linked in a folder for a better organization of your files in the Edworking cloud.

Start chats and invite people to the platform

Start new chats with people on the platform or hide the less relevant ones for you from your dashboard. If there is someone who is not using Edworking yet, you can send an email with your invitation message and inviting them to join the platform.

Use the docs to share documentation with your team

Docs are an amazing way to share more developed information with your team. Create a new doc is so quick now from the app. Press the Edworking Creation Button and you will be able to make a complete document with many editing options and options for sharing links or media. Any change will be automatically updated in both app and platform.

Speed and Performance Improvements

We're continuing working to make Edworking a fastest productivity app.

  • Improved the loading speed of your dashboard and Spaces.
  • Improved the loading speed of Task view.
  • Improved the loading speed of the Chats screen.

You will find a more soft and reliable app with improved transitions and animations.

Bugs fixed

We eliminated a number of key bugs in the app. We will share here a quick rundown on some of the top fixes.

Other updates

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